Oued Jenna and Laglatt

Price for 1-2 people.

This is an intense 3d/2n itinerary cutting across a variety of desert landscapes and mixing different types of habitats and terrains. It consists of three full days in the desert, and two nights camping out. This itinerary also offers good chances of encountering desert animals and may end with a detour to the White Dune (depending on conditions).


3 days tour – discover Oued Jenna & Laglatt in the Dakhla desert

1st day
We will start with a long day, with substantial driving although the initial stretch is on easy tarmac and across a variety of landscapes. We will reach Oued Jenna, a savannah-like habitat with beautiful rocky outcrops on the background and famous for birding and other nature observations. We will have lunch and an easy trekking to discover semi-permanent water pools at Laglatt. After lunch, we will drive across the oued and a large plateau. The camp will be on flat ground and we will enjoy the first night in the desert.
2nd day
This will again be a long day, entirely spent off-roading. After a good breakfast we will explore different habitats and terrains including savannah, rocky mountains, dry river beds with bush areas, plateaus and a huge sebkha with shining bottom. We will have lunch and then continue into the dunes, have dinner and spend the night at the bivouac.
3rd day
On Day 3, after a good breakfast, we will head towards the coast. We will drive in between the dunes at low pace, stopping for some dune running and panorama views. Then, we will drive uphill across small canyons until reaching an area with wells and (possibly) camel herders. We will have lunch here, reach the coastal road and drive to Dakhla (possibly in time to pay a visit to the White Dune before sunset) or head back to the north of Morocco depending on your plans.